Web Design

Formerly known as Optical Paradox: design solutions.

While my focus is primarily on drawing & painting nowadays, I am still willing to build the occasional “creative yet functional” website if it is of interest and within my capability. I particularly enjoy projects geared towards the arts, music & spirituality.

Do you need an online portfolio to display your artwork?

Does your alternative, post-rock band need a website?

Do you offer a complementary therapy that needs promoting online?

I usually charge £75 per brochure web page (providing nothing too advanced is required) so xs by the number of pages = a rough quote. You will also need to purchase a domain name / web address and hosting. I prefer clients to set these up themselves so that they are in complete control of their website, renewing payments etc. You just need to forward any email notifications including your login and ftp details so that I can have access to upload files.

In order to design the website, I will need as much material about your endeavour as you can supply: any leaflets, images, information, business cards, logo etc to incorporate & understand your USP. You will also need to supply any copy / text you want including. Email info@hy-brids.co.uk to discuss your requirements.

Personal projects include: